Hello, I have no idea what I'm doing here
oh and the youtube link is a vlare account because of coppa on youtube

Making videos and eating pizzas since 2016

Born in Granby, Quebec, I was a short-tempered, nervous, and shy person who makes strange and random videos like ytps (no swearing ytps), sometimes gameplay videos, and random sony vegas like edits.

Back in 2016 I had an addiction of object shows like Battle For Dream Island, Inanimate Insanity, etc, etc... So this is why I started to make object show-like videos on youtube and at the time, I was using Algodoo because that's what people uses these days to make object shows lol and it sucks, really bad. And so I was greeted with Powerpoint, an alternative to Adobe Flash for those who can't animate, and I got hooked on, I remember making my first powerpoint video with a portal gun test, it was good but needs more improvement, and so I tried different things like playing around with the animation tool and more. But things got excited and bad when popular object show creators needed help from others by doing an audition video, I was excited, so I tried different auditions like script writing, voice acting and animating. But sadly, they declined me everytime because of my poor and bad auditions. Now comes the good part, I got accepted by some dude named TreeAnimations who is the owner of Object Redemption, and old show I worked on as an animator. I was using skype and we chatted all the time, we had a lot of fun. Now comes the bad part, I signed up as Neptune in Vince Doyen (an object show creator) in one of his camps. but because of my rude behavior in the comment, I got eliminated from the camp, I got really angry and just shouted like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA F$#% YOU F#&@ YOU F$#% YOU F#&@ YOU F$#% YOU F#&@ YOU I F^#&ING HATE YOU YOU KNOW F&#%ING WHAT IM MAKING A RANT ABOUT YOU" oh boy oh boy....

Then there was one dude named "RobloxMinecraftObjects2652". WIP

  • Cookie Run Ovenbreak

  • Portal 1/2

  • Garry's Mod only for messing around in singleplayer since i feel like playing online will make me mad

  • Pizza Tower

  • Super Mario Maker 2

  • Universe Sandbox2

  • That one dinosaur game in google chrome where your internet connection is out.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak

my waifu

my waifu